Decorating Compromises

Hi Brooke! I am moving with my family to a new home next week and we have lots of decorating and buying of new furniture to do. My problem is I have a very strong-willed stubborn husband (whose taste I do not love!) and I always end up being the one to compromise what I want (in all aspects of life) in order to avoid continuous fighting. The problem of course is that I end up angry and resentful. While this is a bigger issue that addresses our relationship and the lack of power of I feel – I am trying to break it down into a model so that I can feel better about the move, but I’m having trouble coming up with some alternative thoughts. Here’s what I have so far:
Unintentional Model:
C: upcoming move
T: I always compromise
F: Mad, resentful
A: discord, fighting
R: diminished relationship, lack of peace

Intentional Model:
C: Upcoming Move
T: ???
F: Peace, excitement
A: work together with no fighting
Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks Brooke!