Deeply Held Belief About Purpose

When Brooke says that we are already complete and good enough, that is an idea my mind readily accepts. I attend a church that teaches the same thing, so this thought is familiar and comfortable. But at the same time, I have always believed that part of what you do with your time on Earth should involve some aspect of service. So a purpose to just have fun and enjoy life doesn’t sit well with me, for example. I don’t believe I would be satisfied with a purpose that only relates to me. This belief could certainly stem from believing (without realizing it!) that I am not enough unless my life somehow serves others. Thing is, I don’t necessarily even want to change the belief that my life should involve service to others. How do I reconcile that with knowing that I am good enough? When I think about the homework for week 1, I can’t imagine a purpose that does not somehow help other people.