Describing feelings that are too much

Hi Brooke,
I love your exercise of objectifying feelings by thinking of describing them to a martian. For many of my feelings, I can see clearly how they are just a mild discomfort. But what do I do with the feelings I would describe as physically intolerable? For the past two days my feelings have felt like physical pain in my neck, back and hips (without physical reason). Today, as I was dictating, my throat felt as if it were closing and as though I could not breathe. I had to stop work as I could not continue speaking. I think if I described this to the martian, he might agree that these feelings are intolerable. I want to manage them, control them, eliminate these feelings that are not serving me, but I feel powerless and hopeless. Describing these feelings doesn’t seem to help make them more manageable or help me to allow them and move on. Do you have any suggestions for this type of situation? Sorry for the downer of a question and thanks for all that you do!