In the Stop Over Eating video when you spoke about desire you gave the example of immediately losing the desire you have for a man you are in a relationship with if you find out he is a child molester. I am looking for that kind of thought/fact in reference to food, especially sugar. At this point I don’t love myself enough for the health effects to make that immediate of a difference to my desire for them. If I keep doing thought work will my desire slowly go away even though cupcakes aren’t child molesters? I am working on creating the belief that I don’t love sugar and that I want to be the type of person that does not eat sugar but that is proving to be a slow process.
I am currently only eating sugar twice a week. I used to eat it multiple times a day in massive amounts. I also don’t crave it like I used to but still believe I can’t give it up completely (part of the thoughts I am working on).