HELLO, COACHES, I decided to go all the way in to conquer my overeating and allowing urges, for that I decided not to follow August work and do my urge jar , allowing urges and be concise 100 percent . I am not at the goal of my weight loss journey, I only have 9 beads in jar, I plan every day and keep journal, I allow snacks and plan for them except for rare occasions. my biggest challenge is my days off where I plan and stick to the plan my exception foods. My planning and journaling and daily weighing is perfected – I love doing all that and see it as my love to myself. I am just struggling with being OK not to do monthly works because it does not seem that I do enough in Urge Jar journey, I already asked a question here and was given great thoughts to consider but they vanished and all I think about is – nothing will ever change for me if I can not even loose 10 last pounds and paying for my program and don’t use it. Please, steer me in right direction and kick my ass, please!!!