Difference between overhunger and overdesire (and which tools address each one)

What’s the difference between overhunger and overdesire? Trying to understand the difference and which tools help decrease each one?

Does overhunger refer purely to an excess of the physical sensation of hunger? And overdesire refers to an excess of the brain’s desire for the dopamine hit of food? Does overdesire include the desire that stems from emotional eating and buffering?

If the answers to those questions are yes, then it seems like giving up sugar and flour and IF can decrease both overhunger and overdesire, right?
And planning meals in advance (via a protocol and daily plan) and allowing urges decrease overdesire, but not overhunger?
Does doing models and learning to process negative emotion decrease overdesire, too? Or would you say that does something different?

I know these seem like academic questions, but it helps me to understand. Thanks so much!