Disliking Someone

Brooke says there is never an upside to disliking someone. When I look at my life, I have to agree that the times I disliked someone never benefited me. But I struggle with this. I can accept that some people just don’t like me and that’s okay. But I also don’t want to accept that I just won’t like some people. I want to like everyone, mainly because I think it will make for a happier life. I don’t want to fake liking people. Any suggestions you have for this are welcome.

Here is my model:

C- I don’t like a person.
T- That person I don’t like is rude, self-serving, etc (the thought will vary with the person)
F- Revulsion
A- I avoid that person, don’t engage, act distant,
R- I avoid the revulsion feeling but possibly lose an opportunity to know someone better, make a friend. Etc

Here is an intentional model:
C- I don’t like a person
T- Why don’t I like them? Get curious about myself and that person.
F- Curiosity
A- I try to get to know them, ask questions
R- I learn about them, I expand my views.

I appreciate your feedback. Thanks and have a good day.