Disrespectful kiddo

I have been doing such a good job managing my thoughts, being in control of my feelings and getting the results that I want, but my kids sure are testing those abilities!

Can you help me out of this blindspot? I was helping out with a big project in my daughter’s classroom and the kids were getting impatient with the teacher (and me) because the project was putzy and taking awhile. My daughter piped up with “see, now you all know what I have to deal with at home!” (which doesn’t even make that much sense but she’s 10, so!). No one dared laugh because I was RIGHT THERE so she said it AGAIN! Louder! Stinker!

She also has a habit of being generally aloof and often disdainful when adults speak to her – she ignores their questions or walks away.

I feel embarrassed that my child would be so rude! I can’t seem to get to a thought that serves me in this instance. I want my children to be respectful human beings. My spouse and I work hard to model positive behavior daily and the other children respond well to that. Just not this one.