Distraught over connections to people and rescue organization in Afghanistan

I belong to a worldwide community of dog rescuers. Many official groups exist (i.e., in U.S. legit non-profits). We work together internationally. Some of our groups – people and dogs – are having great difficulty getting out of Afghanistan. Their pleas for help are dire. They are reporting to the community unspeakable activities. I have donated as much money as I can toward their escape plans.

How can the situation be “neutral?” “The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan” is not neutral. “The Taliban are [doing x, y, z] to our people and dogs” is not neutral. My thoughts about the C leave me feeling angry, horrified, anxious, distraught, afraid for “our” people and dogs specifically and all beings there in general, helpless. My sleep is disturbed. I am emotional (many feelings at the surface of my skin), and tearful and crying. I am also feeling disappointed with myself with T’s like “I’m a Scholar, I should know how to manage my mind around this.”

Trying on T’s like “what will be will be” “this is out of my hands” “there is nothing I can do now” leaves me feeling guilty, uncaring, cold. My R’s either way I think are “I am distraught” and maybe that’s all it can be right now?

Please help me with this – more than “why, why” or “how do you want to feel”. Thank you,