Do I go or do I stay

I want to go visit my friend at her cabin in Minnesota. It’s an expensive flight, but I’ve been wanting to go for a long time. I could try to figure out how to coordinate dropping my daughter at college, flying to her place, and then back to Hawaii on a multi-city ticket. But I keep putting off deciding.

C – Need to decide on trip to visit my friend
T – It’s complicated to plan the trip
F – Overwhelmed
A – Do nothing
R – Feel guilty about not planning, don’t say anything to my friend, ruminate

So, there is another model on this:
C- Need to make decision on trip to friend’s
T – I don’t really deserve a trip without my family
F – Guilty
A – Feel guilty about going, feel guilty about not going, spend lots of time worrying, ruminate
R – Nothing gets done either way and I am miserable in the middle