Do I stay and change my thinking, or go?

My boyfriend plays video games as much as he can. I believe he may be addicted to them. He goes in phases where it seems to take over his life. He doesn’t do daily routine activities that we would usually (or have in the past) do together (or any household chores) and I feel very lonely. Sometimes he asks me if it’s okay, and even if I say I feel sad or that I wish we could spend more time together, he will still play video games. I’m struggling with what to think about it. I make it mean that he takes me for granted when he opts to spend time playing video games instead of spending time with me. C: he plays video games T: we have different values F: I’m alone and I feel sad A: Considering breaking up and being on my own since I’m kind of on my own anyway, feel sad often, and might find someone else who values quality time with me R: Stuck, buffering, and not sure if I need to change my thinking or break up with him.

Can you help guide me in what steps I might take, or thoughts to create, in order to stop buffering and decide whether to stay or go?