Does it need to be 6 weeks?

Hey! LOVE YOU (just sayin’). Anyhow, I’ve listened to EVERY podcast multiple times over the last year. I finally joined scholars. Whoot. This is my question. I am a Certified Health and Wellness coach. I have been able to keep my weight off for 4 years. I have found that I fluctuate between 7 pounds. I have wanted to join scholars to experience a new heightened level of health for me, so I can teach my clients even more (it’s all in the mindset). I heard you mention to leave out sugar and flour for 6 weeks to overcome the dopamine and overcome mindset/emotional stuff. I am wondering if you recommend that to all clients? I am not scared to do this (I have been off flour and sugar since Nov 25th and have done it many times in the past). I wonder if the pre-planning -when I am close to my goal weight, is something that can be used now, or if I need to wait for 6 weeks? I am 5’4 and weigh 122-129. I exercise with lunges, squats and 10 lb weights via arms each day, I have 6 kids, I am very specific with the food I intake. I understand how to eat low off the glycemic index. Please share your thoughts.