Doing the Model on the President

Oh Brooke. This work is really helping me with something that has brought so much more emotion than I am used to coming up around people I don’t interact with. The election this year seemed to throw me for a tailspin and after being very involved on social media, I took a break, then came back and haven’t brought myself to post much about politics, although I find it very interesting. So, this week I took the time to really do the work on our current president. It has been so, so good. I imagine that when I start posting again, because I like to, those who have been directing anger and hatred toward him, are going to be upset that I am no longer interested in participating in that way. I want to start opening up a dialogue between the two parties, and I think this work will help me do it.
Some of the thoughts and feelings I could have if he followed my manual (and that I can have anyway):
I would believe that he was doing the best he can.
I would feel confident that we are safe.
I would think that he cares about the planet and the people in it and I would worry less.
I would feel proud of him and the Republican voters.
I would feel interested in talking about his policies.

I realize that I can think and feel these things and still oppose the policies that I don’t agree with. And the thing it helps the most with is being able to read and hear about the policies, the current events, and the news, with an open mind. Then I can make a decision. I find myself being very closed-minded about everything that he says and does and I am changing that, and with a clear mind I can be a better participant than before.
Thank you for helping me feel love towards someone that has just doing what he wants like every other adult on the planet.