doing the model on the thought " I can’t be choosy if I need help so bad" …

I just got off a coaching call. The coach pointed out I have this thought ” I can’t be choosy if I need help so bad” – we ran out of time so I want to be sure I work this out full circle.

I have a small business. I am 7 months pregnant, if I don’t find high-quality trustworthy employees before I take leave to have the baby I risk losing my business or having to start over which is NOT what I want to do… I have been hiring “bad employees” who have not been a great turn out, I have been needing the help so really I’ve been ignoring things that shouldn’t be ignored simply because ” I NEED THE HELP FAST” I have noticed I have done this kind of irrational quick picking in other areas in my life as well.. making a “bad” decision just because I didn’t think I could have a better shot later??? … not entirely sure why I do that. we talked about a scarcity mindset. (I have a cleaning company and clean residential properties)

Unintentional Model
C- having a baby
T- I can’t be too choosy in hiring if I need help so bad- can’t clean 3 houses 5 days a week alone anymore
F- overwhelmed-hopeless – ((think all the good employees are too hard to find- I am not good enough to work for?)) … (these are thoughts)…
A-I keep hiring the wrong people for the job.
R- I may lose my clients if I don’t find a replacement for myself

This is so overlapping interconnecting with so many other thought… did I find a thought that could set all the other or most of the other bad ones straight? … thank you