Doubling down on a niche???

I am a mental health professional who specializes in two specialties. Both are kinda related, but not completely. I am struggling with having two specialties because every time I post on social media or on my podcast about one specialty, I have the fear that I am losing the other group of people who follow me.

I notice that my colleagues who only focus on one are really doing great at getting a very engaged community, and while I am doing well also, I can’t help but acknowledge that having two specialties makes my message a little diluted. Here is the issue. I have opposing thoughts on this.

C: Deciding on whether to double down on one specialty or continue specializing in two
T: If I focus on one specialty, I will get bored. I will be reducing how many people I reach, but also doing a better job at talking to the people I am targeting.
F: HELP! I feel stuck
A: Continue to specialize in both, feeling not clear on my messaging and feeling like I am all over the place
R: Relief from not having to make the decision, but still not showing up the way I want to.

I want to show up with purpose, so I am not sure if I can find a way to show up with purpose with two specialties (T: I will serve both communities like a badass). It just all feels messy and wishy-washy.

PS: I think it would be so easy to just have one specialty, but I am highly trained and educated in both and it feels slightly inauthentic to pick one….feels like I am asking myself to pick my favorite food (for example) when I genuinely love two options.