Doubt and fear of moving forward with my goal

I have recovered and thrived from complex trauma as a small child in many ways. I am so aware of my thoughts and feelings and being a life coach is a big goal of mine. The beginning of fall happens to be the most triggering time for me even though each year gets better and more healed. However, in the last two weeks, I have been having doubts that the trauma that still resides in my body will ruin my going for this goal and putting my heart and soul into it. I am tired of seeing my trauma as something in the way even though it does affect me more than I want it to at times. Self-doubt and deep loneliness take over at times. I am like all other humans and that is why I am reaching out for some coaching. Saying I have complex trauma to you coaches does bring up the fear of being judged or dismissed. I am doing somatic healing with a practitioner.