Good Morning…. I work up this morning remembering a dream I had with you in it! I was with you and we were about to go for a walk on this beautiful FLAT beach. We set out and then all of a sudden you took a left turn and started going up this really steep, perhaps rock, wall. You were walking like a billy goat and in your high heels no less! I began to follow and for some reason I had to use my arms, and they didn’t seem strong enough. You were, by this time, way out ahead of me, and I was starting to flip out, but kept trying. I then noticed that there was another way, grabbing this wooden structure and every time I would grab it, it would start to break and then I would grab another one until finally I made it to the top. I caught up with you and you spoke not a word about the whole thing, like “where were you? what happened.?” It was as though you never had a doubt that I would find a way up. You let me figure it out, you just showed me that it was possible to get up there in the first place. What I am left with is huge thank you and a deep sense of myself; full of strength, determination and willingness. With love, XX Janet