Drink Plan

I am currently going through the Stop Overdrinking Program. On the Drink Plan Worksheet I understand we are “anticipating” how we might feel before, during, and after we drink on our planned day. I would love more clarification on what the point is to ask ourselves these questions. What are we trying to learn from them? Maybe it is simply to be conscious and thoughtful and to see if what we anticipated is actually how we felt. Also, for #7 how I will feel after, does that mean the next day after drinking? I plan to drink no more than 4 glasses of wine this Friday night and this is what I have written down on the plan worksheet. I did not drink last night and will not be drinking tonight or tomorrow night, this will be a big win for me. I am working on allowing urges!!

5. How I will feel before:
I will probably feel good because I did not drink 3 days prior. I anticipate I will also feel excited to drink after 3 days of not
drinking and excited to see my girlfriend who I have not seen in a long time and will enjoy catching up.

6. How I will feel during:
During the first 2 glasses probably out at a restaurant I will feel good, energetic, celebratory. The next 2 will most likely be at home relaxing watching a movie. I ask myself is the kicking back watching the movie the relaxing part or the drink or both? Hmmmm, probably just the movie with fireplace on would do it, but the habit of drinking more is strong.

7. How I will feel after:

Assuming after means the next morning I will likely feel a bit crappy, sluggish, not motivated, dehydrated, irritable, beating myself up wishing I did not drink so much the night before. I will try not to beat myself up and remind myself I should feel proud that I stuck to my plan of having 4 drinks, that I am in control, nothing has gone wrong. Also, that I did not drink for 3 days in a row prior and that is definitely something to be proud of and I am unlearning this desire for alcohol. That I’ve got this!!!!!