Drink plans

I’m tackling ny overdrinking first in this program, and have appreciated feeling more control now than I have in a long time. I have always been an all in eater and drinker. My diet mentality has impacted my drinking… if Im drinking that night, Im drinking all night. Im tired if it but find it hard to let go of. Lots ofme still thinks I love drinking like this, just dont like the effects of it (falling asleep early, getting over chatty, not sleeping well). So, as I plan my drinking, I find myself giving myself as many drinks as I could possibly want for fear that I’ll fail and lose my sense of control if I dont. I feel a lot of resistance about planning to cut way back especially on weekends. So, Im wondering if I should push myself more to cut back more, or slowly help my desire to change by planning for all that i know I’ll want (though thats even gone down a lot?). Thanks for your help. I feel super excited (not scared ;)).