drive back

Unintentional Thought Pattern
C drive back
T didnt get my power nap in my night shift
F exhausted
A struggled to keep my eyes open on my 30 minute drive back home
R dread night shifts

Intentional Thought Pattern
T I’ve slept 3 hours before the shift and its just my brain fooling me as i didnt get my 5 mins power nap
F rested??
A take a nap in the car before starting, take a cab back home, drive anyway, work on not working nights
R ??

Most post nights if ive taken a power nap [5-10 minutes ] anytime in the night shift , i m reasonably fresh to drive back . Unfortunately, everytime i didnt get to take this nap my brain registers that it didnt get to unwind and continue to give me signals to sleep . how do i get around it