Due Dates

Hi Brooke!

I am having a trouble meeting deadlines for work items such as turning in my payroll and submitting reports on dates originally requested. I find myself taking a little longer than others to turn these things in and requesting extensions or apologizing for turning items in late. I am confident that the work I turn in is done as best as I can…I work mainly with children so I make sure to give it my all. Right now my thought regarding meeting deadlines is that “I am always so behind and will never finish in time” I end up buffering with Pinterest posts and say that I’m busy planning my wedding, when in fact, there’s not THAT much more to plan….I really want to work on this and build my self-confidence with turning things in. I’m trying to change up the T line but having trouble thinking of what to think (haha). Do you mind please offering some examples I can use to replace my old thought with a new one? I know it seems silly but it’s pretty challenging for me to just DO IT (and continue keeping up with all the deadlines).

Thank you for your help!