Eating once a day, okay?

Hi Brooke,

I’ve noticed my hunger and cravings decrease significantly since committing to my protocol of no sugar or flour.

This is what I eat in a day:
8am-12pm: 2 cups of bulletproof coffee (I add MCT oil and heavy cream)
3-5pm: One large meal of no sugar or flour: Plenty of fats, protein and veggies.

I eat until I’m satisfied.

I find the coffee and eating once a day easy, convenient, satiating and I’m consistently losing weight! Is this okay or should I be eating more frequently-rather than eating once, should I be eating twice over a longer window?

As well, a few weeks ago I asked you what a good goal weight at 5’2 and 180lbs would be. You said 120lbs and to keep you posted once I got to 172lbs- today I weighed in at 171.8lbs! Woohoo!

Thanks for all your help.