Eliminating over desire

So far, I have lost 33 pounds and am 20 pounds away from my goal. I have allowed urges and follow protocol as long as I don’t have foods that I used to binge on in the house. It’s not a problem other places, but when it is in my house and I know it is there when I have an strong urge, it’s really challenging. This month, I have kept all of my former favorites in the house all the time. I have done the tedious powerful worksheet with most of them and no longer find as interesting. I used to overeat in the late evening, so now, it is at that time, but only if I am feeling a really uncomfortable emotion.

I have gone back to allowing urges and sitting with the emotion and observing it. It feels like the beginning again, because now, I really don’t experience urges that often. The last two weeks I have done this, I haven’t been on protocol and have even gained a little bit back. I know that if I didn’t keep that food in the house, I would go back to staying on protocol. The reason I am doing this is to “ring the bell” and not respond so that I don’t over desire food. I would rather take a longer time to lose weight and fully figure it out so that I don’t have to do this again for the rest of my life (meaning losing weight, I will always have a protocol and weigh myself, etc.). Am I on the right track here? Or should I focus on losing weight and keep unhealthy food out of my apartment?