embarrassed from over drinking

Hi Coaches-

I met up with a couple friends and had 2 margaritas that effected me more than I thought they would. I don’t judge myself for the amount of alcohol, but I am judging myself for what I said while under the influence. I don’t quite remember specifics, but I cringe every time I think of what I could have possibly said and how I said it. I’m worried I was unlikeable, annoying, or possibly even accidentally offensive to my friends.

I’m taking this as a learning experience in regards to drinking. I never want to be in this situation again so I feel like I have a handle on how to move forward in regards to amount of alcohol consumed in the future. However, how do I get over the embarrassment of being too drunk and possibly saying things I normally wouldn’t? How do I stop worrying about what I said or how I seemed?

I guess it comes down to being worried about what others think of me. This worry is typical in my daily life, but it seems amplified after the drinking since I woke up feeling very out of control. I’m aware I’m never in control of what other’s think anyway, but it feels particularly horrible now.