Embodying strength and power

Hello Brooke: My beloved died unexpected on March 9, and today there is a circumstance related to that which is triggering thoughts of powerlessness and weakness. I know that I need to shift into a more empowered thought, but at the moment all I can do, my action, is to cry, and the result is to feel more sad and weak and powerless.

I’m new here, but I have completed How to Feel Better and am halfway through the Overeating training, so I think my next step would be to push myself to think new thoughts, such as “I can handle this. No one else has the power to make me feel anything. These feelings of weakness and powerlessness are just the result of my thoughts. I can think new thoughts. This situation has no power over me. I am whole. I am sovereign. I am free.”

Am I supposed to repeat these thoughts, like affirmations? Is that how the new thoughts will create new feelings? Is there a video to explain how the new thoughts are supposed to create new feelings in the moment, like now, when I feel sad and powerless and weak?

I saw videos that said to feel your feelings. I get that. I’m feeling this. I want to feel different. Am I missing something?

Thank you for your support and feedback.