Engagement (PA)

So I’m in a great relationship for nearly 2 years. I have amazing thoughts about him, makes me feel good all the time.
We live together, we talk about the future, maarried, kids, buying a house. All of that.
He said he will propose, but he wants to be a surprise, so I have no idea when it will happen.
I had an idea that the time is now, and what is he waiting for? We both know what we want, we both love each other.
Everything I think about it, I have high levels of anxiety. I use the tools to change anxiety, it works. I kida have to use a lot lol
But at the same time, I like to focus in the future, so I’m already thinking how I want my wedding to be, my dress, and all of those details about planning a wedding. I think it’s important to focus in the future, but everytime I start thinking what I want, I remember that I’m not engaged. Then the anxiety comes back.
So my models are something like

C- not engaged
T- I him to propose now
F- anxious
A- can’t relax, constantly thinking about it and wanted to ask him all the time when is going to happen.
R- more anxiety (? – not sure about the result here – can I use a feeling?)

intentional model
C- not engaged
T- It will happen in the perfect time
F- less anxious
A- Enjoy more the present moment with him
R- more relaxed

As I have this loop of wanting to happen and planning a wedding in the future focus mind, I don’t think my model is its best.
What would you suggest?