English learning niche

Hi Brooke!
I’ve followed Brenda Lomeli’s podcast from a beauty coach which didn’t really interest me to the last 10 pound which seemed to be created just for me! So I’m paying attention and I do understand the importance of narrowing down my niche as much as possible.
My target is French women, thirtyish, perfectionistic, introverted, shy, super-sensitive, working in the health and fitness industry, learning English and who have had no success with the language ever (I’m an English teacher).
Their goal: to feel confident and autonomous in their English so as to advance their careers thanks to this new skill. Indeed, it would help them communicate with more customers, co-workers and providers so it would add value to their professional life.
Their problem: they don’t know how to study English when they’re on their own and buffer with overeating instead.
My solution: helping them manage their mind so that they succeed in learning English. I’ll guide them to acquire more learning skills, get English learning tactics and manage their thoughts.
My 6-week programme:
1. goal & commitment
2. learning how to learn (in general)
3. learning how to learn English for trade
4. emotions
5. unintentional thoughts
6. intentional thoughts
Now my questions:
1. How do I make my programme’s titles more exciting (which was your advice in a former question)? I guess what I mean is that I’m all excited already and my programme sounds super-exciting to me so I’d like to know more about your definition of exciting for customers…
2. I could narrow my target down even further to :
– Parisian women (as I live in Paris)
– top executive women (so that they have the purchasing power for coaching)
– a specific skill : oral English (because I find the very French accent in English… interesting ! But it doesn’t appeal to me as much)
– a particular variety of English (British English, which is my favourite)
Would it be useful to add any of these ?
3. I’ve thrown in the overeating problem as buffering because I struggle with it too and I can relate. But isn’t it adding another goal too?
Thanks ! Have a great day!
Nadège in Paris