Hi Brooke!
I am starting out with the “How to be an Entrepreneur” Class. I have brainstormed these areas where failure could occur, but am not sure how to create a failure plan or thoughts for courage. Could you please give me some examples or suggestions? Thank you.

Potential Failures:
1. People in my niche can’t/won’t pay for this service
2. I don’t deliver a quality product
3. I lose money by not making back what I invest
4. I get distracted by new idea and abandon this one
5. My Ad Copy is not good enough to make adequate sales
6. I can’t find the right assistants to hire or I can’t train and motivate them adequately
7. It takes too long to get off the ground and I become discouraged and quit
8. I lose my day job and can’t fund the business anymore
9. I don’t pay enough attention to my family while growing the business
10. I engage in business activities that don’t actually grow the business