Hi coaches,
I had an epiphany, my husband chose to separate from me last August, I was devastated, that was when I joined Scholars. Now after 5 months in Scholars and especially with the January work (that I am proud to say I did every day) I had this thought come up for me last week that “I had lost myself in this marriage without even realizing it” More and more I start to see where I was not me, where I said things and did things that were not in alignment with my beliefs and values. That I was making myself small to avoid conflict.

I feel this is a breakthrough for the better for me, but I understand too these are all just thoughts, not circumstance, I did a model on this can you take a look and give me some feedback, especially with the R-line, please thank you. Here it goes:

C – Separation
T – It turns out to be a good thing, because I know now I had lost myself in this marriage without realizing it
F – astonished, perplexed
A – writing down examples of how I had lost myself, starting to see a bigger picture, realizing my patterns, taking responsibility for my part of the break down of the relationship, step by step coming out of the hiding, saying the things I want to say, doing the things I want to do
R – The separation is a good thing?