Eskapa Book in Resources

Hi Brooke –

I noticed The Cure for Alcoholism book in the Resources section of Stop Over Drinking. I was curious of your opinions of The Sinclair Method (TSM) and Naltrexone. Did you use it when you were stopping?

I am very familiar with TSM and have even worked with an MD for the Naltrexone prescription. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the answer for me.

I do see some similarities in your approach and the concept of TSM. Yet there are some fundamental differences in the main concepts. TSM instructions are to drink when you feel the urge (and take the Naltrexone ), but you say to the opposite – never give into an urge. It is my understanding that TSM ONLY works when you answer an urge with Drink + Nal.

Do you think there is a way to combine your methods in Stop Over Drinking with The Sinclair Method? If not The Sinclair Method, what about using Naltrexone in conjunction with your Stop Over Drinking program, like during you planned drinking sessions?

On another note…if one is working on eating and drinking do you think I have to do the 100 urges for drinking AND 100 urges for eating? Or is counting both types of urges together until 100 enough?