Exception Plan 2.0

I just listened to the Exception Plan 2.0 video and I loved it.

I went off sugar and flour in April and when I gave in to a “minor” binge in May, I was totally frustrated with my re-accuring binge-habit. “Doing better” is not enough for me and I want to conquer emotional eating. Forever. However, it was that binge that led me to finding your podcasts, that led me to your site, etc and that was the beginning of this amazing process of SCS: Finally I had found someone, a program that described my situation and offered help.

By day 2 after finding your podcasts and after listening to a webinar your team sent me, I understood the importance of intermittent fasting. I fully believe that I have insulin resistance after the years I have abused my body with over-eating. I have set my eating window from noon to 7pm for about five weeks already and have committed to that for July and August and quite possibly for forever! I lost 15 pounds in about 5 weeks, just by accessing a portion of the information you have put out there without enrolling. I have been experiencing that my body is very forgiving, but my mind is less so. I was loosing the weight that I wanted to, and fast, but I saw some left over diet mentality, there was one binge, etc, that showed me that the emotional work is incomplete, and I have to get it if I am going to quite emotional eating forever. That is when I signed up for scholars, starting in July.

At present I have just come to a summer job that I do every year, where I cook at a summer camp. Oh help, all that food, right?! It is change from my usual situation during the other months of the year and my “eating in” seems to have ceased even though I am still eating on protocol. I have not lost at all for a week (but I am sticking with it!). In the past, I ate my way through the summer, usually over-eating on chocolate, always having a secret stash and feeling insecure if I didn’t have a good supply on hand. My general protocol includes one square of chocolate per day (and it has been working) but I decided to take it right out of my protocol these weeks that I am cooking, because it was such a huge part of my overeating in the past. Since listening to the Exception Plan, I am wondering if I should leave it in and trust myself? Or at least purchase a supply of chocolate and allow myself to only eat it as an exception? Already, this is one of the busiest times of the year for me, I am surrounded by food all day long, but I still signed up for SCS now because this is also when I need it the most! Your podcasts teach that I can do more than I think! So my question is: Would you encourage me to keep the chocolate in protocol, either daily or as an exception-eat, and push myself even further or would it be good to retrain my brain that I can be here without chocolate?

Or maybe this is a question for my monthly coaching session?
Love your programs! I have already reached what I counted my goal weight and after listening to the Stop Overeating Workshop, the goal has been lowered, exciting! I am completely out of my comfort zone and am in this for the long haul!
Thanks for sharing so abundantly, Brooke, and team!