Exploring when I experience happiness

I usually write in about what I perceive as problems.

Instead, I’d like to run by you a model of happiness that occurred today:
C: Neighbor comes over to talk.
T: This is so fun.
F: Happy
A: Spend several hours hanging out. Work on art together. Go on a walk. Get immersed in the moment. Not worry about past or future.
R: I reinforce that time with neighbor is fun.

What I’m wondering is: it really *seems* to me like the C here made me happy! I keep thinking “humans are meant to be social, no wonder this made me happy,” “all I need to be happier is to be more social,” “so what’s wrong most of the time is that I’m not with other people.” Aren’t there some circumstances that trigger happy hormones, like socializing with someone? In that case, it’s not our thoughts, right? It actually is the C making us happy.

Thank you!