Exposure exercise for the introvert entrepreneur

Hi Brooke,
I’m an independent designer and patternmaker offering digital sewing patterns for plus size women who like to dress in well-fitting clothes that don’t necessarily look like big sheets like many of the plus size patterns on the market do.
I want to engage in the social media community to validate a couple of new business ideas I have and also find out more ways to serve my target customer in an excellent way, however, I am also extremely introvert and the thought of having to “put myself out there” makes me cringe.
I know that it’s necessary though so I wonder if you have any tips for me to make it less daunting? I know I have great value to offer but I still feel it’s exhausting to introduce myself and talk to new people who don’t know me, my business and my offer yet. Is there a good “balance exercise” or any other thought I can use that you know of, beyond or in a thought download and the model?