Extreme Anxiety

I’m experiencing all-consuming fear.

The past four weeks I’ve noticed a pickup parked both in front and behind my house. Today, the pickup was gone but was parked in a parking lot on my route to work. I am suspicious that I am being watched/followed (which sounds crazy!!). I work with a police officer who looked the license plate up and the owner has meth and other criminal charges. I’m really, really scared to go back home, feel like I can’t have my blinds open and be comfortable in my house, and overall, just feel consumed with this fear – unable to work while I’m at work. I called the police and they said to call back when he is parked in front of my house again.

How do I get out of this fear loop? My brain is telling me this is very important, very dangerous, and that I’m not safe.

C: Pickup parked in front of home, behind home, and on route to work (confirmed its the same one by license plate #)
T: I’m being watched
F: Fear
A: Talk to everyone I can about this, call the police, get the guys name, Google the guy, write in to self-scholars about the situation, obsess obsess obsess
R: ?