Falling Off the Bike…

Today, I fell off the bike – but I think I get that “this” is the work. It’s always the work. Falling off the bike. Getting back on. Falling off. Getting on.

The Story: I’ve really been working hard on my mindset around my business. I’ve gone all-in, committed, and I’m working very, very hard. I’ve been flying through my to-do list and feeling very good about it. Today, I found someone who is ahead of me on the path. By a lot. And I looked at what he was doing – and I fell off the bike. I ate something, I binged on a bit of social media, I chewed gum. My regular buffering loop. And then I stopped, realizing what I was doing. And I saw a little pink sticky note I put under my computer screen that says “Nothing Has Gone Wrong Here”.

And I realized… I just fell off my bike. It’s time to get back on. So I did a model around the thought that came up (“I’m on the wrong path, doing the wrong thing, wasting time, and not making money”… which created frustration, buffering, and the result? I’m on the wrong path, doing the wrong things, wasting time and not making money. Shocking.

AND I got back on my bike. But I think I realized… this is the work. Ride bike, fall off, ride bike, fall off. It’s not ride, ride, ride. And fortunately, it’s not fall, fall, fall. It’s both. Nothing has gone wrong here. Sometimes I’m riding, sometime I ride. Because I choose to ride, sometimes I’ll fall. And it’s all part of being a human.

I think I’m getting to a place of just accepting – this is what there is for me. For us. For the humans. This is the work. Enjoying the ride. Accepting the fall. And getting back on the bike each time – knowing that there will be riding and falling and nothing has gone wrong.

Is this what there is? Is this the work?