Family mornings (and models) 2

Thank you, team, that is very helpful, I can see how focusing on myself throughout the entire model is key.

I am still struggling coming up with an intentional model that serves me (the current one does not). What is the best strategy, do I start with the result I want to see (for myself), like:

R: My mornings are relaxed.
Or is this a feeling?
F: Feeling relaxed. If I felt relaxed in the mornings, my
A: would be “working with more focus” which will create the possibility of
R: “being more efficient at work”, which would also help me to spend more time with the kids in the late afternoon (I could leave work a little earlier because I get my work done in a shorter amount of time) which is a goal for me in itself but also opens up the possibility to spend more quality time with my husband (which I would also like to have more of in my life and feel excited about).

Am I on the right track or do you see another problem with the structure of this intentional model? If this seems ok, can you help me find thoughts I could try/bridging thoughts for the feeling “relaxed” in the morning?
The T: “This is exactly how it should be” could create the feeling “relaxed/at peace” but I do not believe (as you pointed out) that saying things in a loud voice to kids in the morning is neutral and/or how things should be.

Is there a way to simplify? I do not see yet how I can consolidate 2 things I want to think and choose to believe:

1) I am capable of creating a safe and peaceful start of the day for my young kids (4 and 7 years old), and
2) I do not need a manual for my husband (No yelling) to create a safe and peaceful start of the day for my young kids.

I am so excited to work not his more, thank you for your thoughts!