Fat adaptation

I have been off sugar and flour for about two months (and had only very limited amounts for years prior to that. I started the intermittent fasting about 3-4 weeks ago. I drink bullet proof coffee in the morning, have lunch (a salad with protein and sesame oil or avocado around 1:00, and a protein with vegetables or salad around 5:00. I find myself feeling hungry around 9:00. My stomach isn’t growling, but when I look at this it often feels like real hunger – as in I can distinguish some days when it feels like hunger ( a chicken breast would solve it) and others when I know it is boredom or anxiety.
I have three questions: the fact that I can feel crazy hungry by 12:00 or 1:00 – does this mean that I’m not fat adapted yet? I’ve heard Brooke say that you won’t feel hungry when you are fat adapted? How do you know when you are fat adapted?
What should I do about getting hungry at 9:00? It causes all sorts of chatter in my head and I often end up eating something which messes with the length of my fast and my honoring my commitments?