Fat Clothes

. I’ve lost 45 lbs to date amd have only 15 more to go, thanks to IF and a strict protocol. I promised myself that at the end of the school-year, I am a teacher, I would get rid of everything that no longer fit. It was pretty much everything! I have one pair of blue jeans and a couple of shirts that my friend gave me. Really!
I am flying to Chicago to see my parents and siblings, who have no idea I have gone through this transformation. The last time they saw me I was 210 pounds and a size 22. I am now at 165 and a size 14.
When i started all this back in February I decided then that i was going to fly with NO luggage, I would buy a whole new wardrobe when I got there; undies and all!! I have saved over $2000 for this “gift” to myself. I am proud of myself. I made a goal and I am almost there. I am learning to control the thoughts that have lead to my overeating for the past 40 years; thank you Brooke.
But for the first time since my journey began, I find I want to hold on to some of my fat clothes, “just in case.” My prefrontal cortex says, “Oh, I don’t think so!” But it keeps creeping back. It feels like I can’t breathe everytime I look at the three huge trash bags full of clothes.