Your favorite – Niche Question

Hey Brooke,

Wanted to check my niche with you.

I’ve been trying to get very specific about my dream client.

I think I’m getting close to knowing exactly who she is.

Her name is Melanie Jenkins. She is smart, funny, kind hearted woman that works as in Accounting manager and part time Real Estate agent.

She wants to lose weight and keep it off for good without dieting or enduring in crazy workouts.

What her problems are: She can’t seem to stop overeating. She mindlessly snacks through out the day and sometimes eats when’s she is stressed. She feels uncomfortable in her body. She finds this nutrition stuff so confusing, has no idea where to begin and doesn’t have the time to figure it all out.

My solution would be to help her stop overeating by balancing her food intake with Whole Foods so she can stay full throughout the day and helping her understand her emotional triggers and how to deal with them without using food.

My 6 week program would consist of both nutrition and mindset skills to focus on each week. Since she has a lot going on, this is perfect for her because each week we focus on a single food skill so she still feels like she is progressing but also able to manage it within her life.

I haven’t figured out yet whether I should focus on the mindset stuff first or start with getting her to start adding in Whole Foods each week.

A list of possible topics for each week would be

– Protein
– Healthy Fats
– Veggies
– Complex Carbs
– Eat When Hungry
– Stop at Satisfied
– Emotional Triggers
– Handling Emotions without food

For a 6 week program that could be a lot, or I could combine some of those.

Later on I’d introduce a more in-depth mindset/ exercise program.

But just want one program since this is just the beginning for me.

What do you think?