FB ads for a niche that’s hard to access

I’ve twice hired FB ads consultants who came highly recommended, but neither provided decent ROI. They ran ads to my freebie and retargeting ads for my online course. I’ve also tried doing FB ads myself (on a much smaller budget, $1-2k per launch), but it’s definitely NOT my zone of genius.

My niche sounds at first as if it might be reasonably easy to target, but the specific problem/solution I offer is for a very niche audience that isn’t directly available on FB (i.e. they are on FB but only a relatively small % of the people in the FB groups for the general niche have this particular problem).

Students who have completed my online course get great results and I have lots of great testimonials. I’ve launched live 2x/year for the past three years (each launch somewhat different, but always with high-value webinars and last time PLF-style videos). I’m still running each session at fewer than 30 students (which was my goal for the very first launch). I’ve invested a lot of time and money in the course thinking that by now (three years in) I’d be at 100+ students per session. Between launches there’s a weekly newsletter, blogs, social media live videos.

Having seen people with lots of niches, do you think that there are some where FB ads aren’t an effective way to build an audience? I had total confidence with the other FB experts that I’d see return and now not sure what the wise business decision is. I’d love to hand this over to a FB expert who can really get results.