Fear of doing it wrong? Help with ladder thought around manifesting a partner.

Hi coaches!

One thing I really want in my R line is a partner. I got divorced 4 years ago and have had periods of dating and am currently single but beginning to date again. I am trying to state this as much as a “C” as I can. What makes me afraid is that there is part of me that “doesn’t believe” I can have a partner because I don’t have one yet. Can you take a look at my models?

Unintentional model:
Circumstance: Single
Thought: I want a partner but I’m afraid there’s nobody out there for me or I’m too old or it’s too late
Feeling: Sad, dejected, afraid to try
Action: Cancel first dates before going on them, decide I “just don’t have time” to date, reject dating before dating rejects me
Result: I stay single

Intentional Model:
Circumstance: Currently single
Thought: I am drawing in the manifestation of the love of my life
Feeling: Amazing, hopeful (I just came up with that thought)
Action: Willing to go on dates and practice believing that there is a good person out there for me
Result: With my partner

I think I need a ladder thought because even though that thought makes me feel amazing and hopeful, I have another thought right behind it that says “don’t get your hopes up. just be happy with your life without someone. not everyone gets to have a partner.”. I wonder if there’s some way to listen to that voice without believing it? Or maybe a ladder thought like “I am willing to believe there is a person out there for me” (even that seems to cause the voice to jump in saying “or not”). Help! This is important to me and I think that I imagined it would happen faster when I got divorced. Another thought that runs on loop is “Every day I’m getting older and less attractive and therefore it’s less likely someone will love me”. It’s awful and I hate that I have this thought but it’s there.

What’s so interesting is that other areas of my life where I have beliefs that support manifesting things – jobs, trips, the house I own on my own, friends – they just show up! But this area and the other biggie for me – my weight – seem to keep being sabotaging things. If you have any advice on how to show my brain that what happens in one area is actually possible in ALL areas, maybe a thought to consider, I’d appreciate that too!

You guys are AMAZING, by the way. Thank you so much!