Fear of the future

How does one reconcile personal self development work (building self confidence and becoming the best version of ourselves) with mounting evidence that we are not doing enough collectively, to slow down/ avert major environmental and political crisis?

I am personally living a privileged life, in great part detached from these realities, and this in itself makes me feel guilty (Thought: the world is going to pot but I’m still jumping on a plane to go on holidays) and accentuates my anxiety around this subject.

I realize that part of this is drama but I cannot help but think that “the outside world” as a Circumstance is a tough act to follow with useful thoughts and feelings! I need help with alternative thoughts/ feelings that will help me “get things done”, in the Action line.

This is my unintentional model:
C – the outside world, it’s current world events
T – there is little point in doing all this self development work, when the outside world seems so self destructive
F- sad/ frozen
A – procrastinate and or/ buffer
R – getting no closer to the best version of myself

Intentional model would be:
C – the outside world, it’s current world events
T – I want to do my part towards saving the Planet, even on a small scale
F- motivated
A – get things done
R – moving towards the best version of myself

The problem with the intentional model is that even though the new thought is believable, it doesn’t exactly ooze with abundance, and the “small scale” aspect means that I’m still thinking from a place of scarcity.

Hope this is clear, thanks for your time!