Feedback from colleagues

Hi. I recently got some feedback from the nurses in the procedures I was doing anaesthesia in.
Some of the feedback was not true. Such as I took 30 minutes to place an IV, I was not paying attention, etc. Some of the feedback was objective but most of it was subjective (I know that’s a thought).
My first thought when I worked with that team was that they were being passive aggressive.

Today, I received feedback from their manager. The nurse said some things that weren’t factually true. My manager called me to discuss them. I felt angry, ashamed and I felt that the feedback was unfair.

Here’s my model

C: Written feedback from RN manager
T: Half this shit isn’t true. I hate how petty nurses are!
F: Anger, shame
A: Ruminate, collect my evidence why it isn’t true, think I should stop going to that location

My Intentional Model

C: Written feedback from RN manager
T: I get to decide how I show up, and they get to decide how they perceive me
F: Agency, accountability
A: Seek clarification on feedback, show up as a professional anaesthesia provider and take great care of my patients.
Clarify any miscommunication such as which room procedures are in.

The problem is that I’m still feeling angry at this moment. I’m allowing myself to feel it but I don’t want to be angry. I have to work with these nurses tomorrow and I’m already dreading going to that location tomorrow. We have a meeting with the nurse manager tomorrow and I’m working on the thought that I get to decide how I show up and they get to decide how to translate that. But I am struggling to believe that.