Feedback on models

How do these models look?

C= Scheduled client work on calendar
T= This is so tedious
F= Dread
A= Procrastinate by checking email, eating, checking phone messages, surfing web. Don’t keep track of time. Let mind wander.
R= I make it more tedious by dragging out the work

C= ”
T= I love that I get paid to write!
F= Honored
A= Follow my calendar to complete the work, let the positive energy keep moving me forward, don’t ruminate on how tedious the work is—instead focus on the benefits that writing affords me
R= I complete the work as scheduled
C= Alarm clock rings
T= I want to sleep more!
F= Lethargic
A= Snooze, turn off alarm, get up later than planned.
R= I sleep more than I actually want to

C= ”
T= It’s time to see what I’m capable of
F= Motivated
A= Get up when alarm clock rings, tell my brain that’s it’s offering me other thoughts but we actually don’t want to sleep in
R= I move closer to what I’m capable of (and I get up!)