Feedback on my homework for this month/impossible goal? (Susie)

Hi Brooke,
Could you review my work below and provide feedback on whether the goal is specific enough and if I’m on the right track with the types of fails I’ve set up for myself for Q1?
Gracias! -Susie
Impossible Goal 2019: To be in the body I’ve always dreamed of: 148 lbs., under 25% body fat, 33” or smaller waist, have a healthy aligned body, and be able to run an under 30-minute 5k.
To be accomplished by: December 31, 2019 at 8am (you always weigh less in the morning 😉 )
Exact Results to Prove I Did It:
 Weigh at or less than 148 lbs.
 Fat % at or less than 24.9%
 Waist at or less than 33”
 No longer going to Stiner because my body is aligned/hip is healed and strong
 Can sit in ½ lotus with straight back for at least 10 minutes
 Run an under 30-minute 5k
(As an FYI, here’s where I am currently: 5’9″, 195 lbs, 41% body fat, 37″ waist, 38 minute 5k, and having hip flexor, back, and neck issues that I’m getting resolved, but which will require me to do the exercises I’m supposed to do and keep seeing my therapist for another 9 months or so)
Q1 25 Fails:
1. Watch all videos and read all content from Stop Overeating course
2. Create a protocol of what I will and won’t allow for food and stick to it
3. Plan exceptions 24 hours in advance
4. Plan 100 meals in advance
5. Say “no thank you” without excuses to off-protocol offers 100 times
6. Accumulate 100 moments of discomfort where I stop and feel my emotions rather than buffer through food
7. Do 100 thought downloads around my IG
8. Do 100 unintentional models around my IG
9. Do 100 intentional models around my IG
10. Throw away and/or leave on my plate things that aren’t on protocol (versus trying to give them away/be afraid of “wasting”) at least 25 different times
11. Allow myself to get hungry before I eat at least 100 times
12. Make off-protocol food for someone and not eat any of it
13. Go out 10 times with people who are eating off protocol and not indulge
14. Go to parkRun 5k five times
15. During cruise, only allow myself one alcoholic drink/day
16. During cruise, no dessert
17. Do my hip and alignment exercises 2x/day
18. Drink no alcohol in January
19. Run at least 3 times/week for at least 12 miles/week
20. Walk dog for at least 1 mile on days I don’t run
21. Stand at my work desk for at least 2 hours/day
22. Take a 30-minute walk every day at work
23. When I fail, I will not beat myself up and will be the future Susie to myself (compassionate and loving)
24. Weigh under 176 lbs. by 3/31/19
25. Drop time on my 5k from where I started by 3/31/19
26. Track my food daily
27. Weigh myself daily
28. Eat no more than 50 net grams of carbs (total carbs minus fiber carbs)