Feeling fear & Sadness

Hello, I’ve made the decision to move to another country. While I want to continue with this decision, I’ve been feeling fear & sadness about leaving where I currently live. I remember hearing on a call that we could put our emotions in the C line to explore our thinking about them — Could you please offer feedback & coaching on my models below? I’m not sure if my R in the UM is accurate?

UM –
C: Fear & Sadness
T: I wish they weren’t here.
F: Resistance
A: Sleep instead of doing what I’ve pre-scheduled on my calendar. Question my decision to leave.
R: I prevent myself from being there with my emotions. (?)

IM –
C: Fear & Sadness
T: It’s okay for them to be here.
F: Comfort
A: Process those emotions, instead of resisting them.
R: I make it okay for me to feel fear & sadness.