Feeling any Feeling – Grief

Dear Brooke, The concept of being willing to feel and accept any feeling has been revolutionary for me and I have stopped resisting so many negative feelings that are now so much easier to manage. But there’s one feeling I still feel terrified of, and that’s grief. I can see how this fear causes problems in my life – I worry a lot about my children, am very protective and overspend on expensive childcare and education mainly because I want to keep them safe. The idea of them dying or in pain feels completely unbearable to me, almost as if I’d rather die than face it. The few times my children have been in hospital I’ve been so overwhelmed with anxiety that I wasn’t the parent I wanted to be. I move a lot and aside from my kids I prefer not to get too close to friends or family because that helps me feel safe. I know this deprives me of more love. How do we get willing to feel the very hardest feelings?