Feeling It #3

Here is a new model and some why’s.
C. New exhibition work
T. I have an endless source of creative possibility available to me always
F. Creative
A. Create works imagined and originated from this source
R. Authenticity
The curios thing is that I normally do believe I have access to this source. At present I have chosen fear of failure and of success. My new belief begun in March is ‘to be an artist facilitator who creates powerful examples of creative possibility to the world’. I was feeling comfortable with the idea of this until I began to do the practical artwork. The enormity of the belief plus a fear of delivering creative work to a deadline and new audience has created this temporary paralysis. I have experienced paralysis before but not as threatening. More Models…
C. New exhibition work
T. I can’t access my creative ability
F. Paralysis
A. Push to find a way in
R. Exhausted

C. New exhibition work
T. I can always access creative thoughts about my work.
F. Creative
A. Play
R. Allow creative energy to be there.
My overall scs goal is to find a new way to be excited about new possibilities in my life rather than submitting to my default patterns of doubt, scarcity paralysing fear and high expectations of myself -both mine and others. More models to be done? Right?
Thanks Brooke.