Feeling jealous.


I had a relationship with somebody for a while and it didn’t mean anything to me at that point. So I decided I don’t wanna go on with him. After a while, I found out he was married but separated while he was with me. Ever since then I felt jealouse, and in my eyes he was totally different now, so much better, like I was feeling I am in love with him now, even if when we were together I considered he was not for me.
I am jealouse on him, even if I don’t wanna be and also on girls that meet the profile of his ex. But I don’t wanna feel all this jealousy and envy, I am not in general envy person, I was always just focused on myself and thought I am the best ( which I think this thought ‘I am the best’ cost me all this dissapointment and jealousy feelings).

I am aware those are not real feelings, since I was not interested in him at the beginning, but why do I feel jealouse now that I found out somebody else was with him?

And how do I get rid of this jealousy feeling because I know it’s not happening on a conscious level.

Thank u very much.