Feeling physically bad after following my protocol

Even when I make exceptions off my protocol I, of course, feel physically bad for a day or so after eating something. Then that’s my C, and then I feel remorseful. I wish I didn’t layer on an agonizing story on top of my physical sensations from eating non-fuel foods, like I wish I could just enjoy it and make a mental note of “oh, I ate those cookies yesterday, now today I have brain fog and a slight headache. Good to know.” But instead it’s like, “yeah see, you shouldn’t have eaten those.”

C: Ate 2 s’mores as an exception on Sunday night, it’s Tuesday today, on Monday I felt physically sluggish, bloated, dull, and had a headache
T: I wish I didn’t feel bad after having an exception.
F: Angry
A: Tell myself I shouldn’t have eaten them, tell myself I feel bad today, thanks a lot past me for eating those, now I’m not feeling in tip top shape today because I ate off protocol Saturday, now it ruins my whole day today because if I felt good, I could do active things, but since I feel physically bad, I won’t enjoy the active things, I ruminate
R: I feel even worse (by layering a story on top of it).